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Jamie Crewe

Jamie Crewe is a beautiful bronze figure with a polished cocotte’s head. She makes artworks with video, text, installation, sculpture, drawing, painting, and more. These works think about constriction: the way people are formed by their cultures, environments and relationships, and the things that herniate from them as a consequence. Recent solo exhibitions include LUX, London; Humber St Gallery, Hull; and Grand Union, Birmingham. And group exhibitions include British Art Show 9; Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach; and ICA London.


False Wife (2022), A luxury (2021), “Morton” — “Beedles” — “An abyss” (2020), “The Ideal Bar” — “Le Narcisse” — “Alec’s” (2020), Ashley (2020), Pastoral Drama (2018), Adulteress (2017), Chantal after James Bidgood and Jean Genet (2016), Teleny (2015), White Adonis (2014)

Saturday 4 March, 13:15

A series of hypnotic, fragmentary encounters reflecting on creativity, desire, identity and transformation. Forms of transgressive potentiality are explored through poppers training videos, VHS tapes documenting an esoteric musical subculture, and a night of ritual shapeshifting in a Boston parking lot.

Run Time

65 mins
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