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Luis Arnías

Luis Arnías (b.1982) is a filmmaker from Venezuela who currently lives and works in Boston, MA. In 2009, he completed the diploma program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and in 2020 he received his Masters in Film/Video from Milton Avery Graduate School at Bard College. He has screened at New York Film Festival, Punto de Vista, Berlin Critics’ Week (Woche Der Kritik) and BlackStar Film Festival. He is currently a Fellow at The Film Study Center at Harvard University and was a nominee for Herb Alpert Award Film/Video in 2021.


Puerta a Puerta (2022 Co-Directed with Jessica Sara Rinland), Terror Has No Shape (2021), Malembe (2020), Ojo Malcriado / Punky Eye (2018), This must be the Place (2011), Like (2010), A la deriva (2009)

4 March 2023

A series of hypnotic, fragmentary encounters reflecting on creativity, desire, identity and transformation. Forms of transgressive potentiality are explored through poppers training videos, VHS tapes documenting an esoteric musical subculture, and a night of ritual shapeshifting in a Boston parking lot.

Run Time

65 mins
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20 September 2018

Shine bright. Portraits of a nomadic musician and an animatedly-perverse single father butt up against a simulacrum of the Middle East and a tactile inquiry into the natural world. Taken together, expressions of personal, political, spiritual, mystical and sexual agency provide powerful statements of either resistance to or complicity in an increasingly commodified world.

Run Time

77 mins
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