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Sophio Medoidze

​Sophio Medoidze is a London-based artist, writer and filmmaker born in the USSR and brought up in the Republic of Georgia. She works across film, photography, writing and sculpture. For a time she worked anonymously as Clara Emigrand Collective, examining political conflict through a feminist lens and disseminating her work outside the gallery circuit. Her work is marked by precarity and explores the poetic potential of uncertainty. A desire for community (both actual and imaginary) drives her mythopoetic narratives and processes of subverting traditional ethnographic forms through imagination, relatedness and humour. Her work has been shown at Tate Modern, LUX Waterlow park, CAC Bretigny Centre d’art Contemporain, Serpentine Cinema (Peckhamplex), Kunstmuseum Luzern and others. She was a recipient of Projections Commissions at Tyneside cinema, her latest film ‘Let us flow!’ won development and Subti awards at Feature Expanded, Florence.


Let us flow (2022), MADOLI (2021), Xitana (2019), Jackals and Drones, Chronicles of A summer, (2018)

3 March 2023

The isolated mountainous region of Tusheti, in Northeast Georgia, is the site for a reflection on the importance of ritual, the maintenance of community ties, and how modernisation and migration are transforming rural landscapes. Shot over several years, Let Us Flow uses inovative audio-visual techniques to make visible the symbolic and physical division of sacred spaces within the community and offers a nuanced perspective on a culture where ancestral shrines are only accessible to men.


Run Time

63 mins


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