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Sreylin Meas

Sreylin Meas (1989, Cambodia) has worked in many production roles in both film and television, for both the local industry and international productions in Cambodia. She has worked with Anti-Archive as first assistant director for Dream Land (2015), Turn Left Turn Right (2016), and White Building (2021), and as second assistant director and acting coach for Diamond Island (2016). California Dreaming (2019) is her first short film.


California Dreaming (2019)

Sreylin Meas’ first film follows a simple scenario in creating a stunning work of loneliness and connection shot at an oceanfront resort. Sarita travels to the seaside to take a break from her hectic life and family obligations. While exploring the surrounding wilderness, she meets another woman, Sak, who works at the hotel where she is staying. Also in need of respite from her busy job, Sak invites Sarita to meet in a secret place where the two discover an unforeseen connection that allows them to temporarily escape from reality.

Run Time

16 mins
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