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Sung Hwan Kim

Sung Hwan Kim (1975, South Korea) lives and works in New York. He studied architecture at Seoul National University, followed by a BA Mathematics and Art at Williams College, Williamstown (2000), followed by a Master of Science in Visual Studies at MIT and a residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam (2004–5). Over the past two decades, Kim has been producing lyrical multimedia installations, films, and performances that merge the mythological and the everyday. Kim participated in the 57th Venice Biennale and had solo exhibitions at MoMA (2021); DAAD Galerie (Berlin, 2018); Artsonje Center (Seoul, 2014); the Tanks at Tate Modern (London, 2012); Kunsthalle Basel (2011); Queens Museum (New York, 2011); Haus der Kunst (Munich, 2010).

Kim’s short film Love Before Bond was screened at BFMAF 2017.


Hair is a piece of head (2021), Love before Bond (2017), Apologize at UNIS (2016), Temper Clay (2012), Washing Brain and Corn (2010), Manahatas Dance (2009), Drawing Video (2008), Summer Days in Keijo—written in 1937 (2007), From the commanding heights… (2007), This is a scene (2006), Dog Video (2006), Three Videos by SUNG HWAN KIM and a lady from the sea (2004-2005), Green Lotte (2005), 12 minutes (2005), Flat White Rough Cut (2004), Her (2003), A-DA-DA (2002), J story (1998)

“The question always has been whether these stories of Hawai‘i have any worth to anyone in Gwangju, or vice versa. Furthermore, should the worth be the end of all stories? Why should one care, and how does one really care about the trouble beyond a national border, let alone the border of one’s skin? Here, does film educate about this method to care; or is it regenerating and readjusting the area of one’s skin?” —Sung Hwan Kim

Run Time

25 mins
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