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Emilia Beatriz

Emilia Beatriz (they/elle) is an artist and access worker from Puerto Rico’s diaspora, based in Glasgow. Informed by Aurora Levins Morales’ ‘historian as healer’ methodology, Emilia’s films weave historical and speculative narratives – grounded in oral history and community archiving – centering dreaming, action, and griefwork attuned to climate and place. Recent work includes the exhibition ‘In Dispersion / En la Dispersión, VISARTS, Maryland; the talk On Moss as Matter & Metaphor with Amelia Merced; Sappho’s Wake, a performance/reading for a wake: on mourning, marking and moving forward together with joy hosted by Birds of Paradise and San Alland; and ‘declarations on soil and honey’ exhibition CCA, Glasgow, 2019.

9 March 2024

barrunto is a feature length speculative fiction taking place in a future of the past, in a present, ruptured now. It is an intimate exploration of environmental grief and resistance in shifting landscapes of loss, from the streets of Puerto Rico to sites of nuclear contamination and military occupation in Scotland, from the bottom of the ocean to the planet Uranus. Through digital, archival and hand-processed 16mm film, barrunto sensorially translates bodily unrest, forecasts, or omens via signals sensed in the environment.


Run Time

67 mins




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