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Fabrizio Terranova

Fabrizio Terranova (1971, Italy) is a filmmaker and educator living and working in Brussels. His work focuses on the tensions, relationships and misperceptions between “popular” and “avant-garde” cultures. He is a professor at the ERG (graphic research school) in Brussels, where he co-directs the Narratives and Experimentation/Speculative Narration Master’s programme. He directed Donna Haraway, Story Telling for Earthly Survival (2016) and published Les Enfants du compost in the collective work Gestes spéculatifs (2015), as well as Pour un film chien! in the collective work Habiter le trouble avec Donna Haraway (2019). He is also a founding member, with, among others, Emilie Hermant and Isabelle Stengers, of DingDingDong – Institut de coproduction de savoir sur la maladie de Huntington.

Sunday 10 March, 17:00

Isabelle Stengers: Building hope on the edge of the abyss

(Isabelle Stengers: Fabriquer de l'espoir au bord du gouffre)

A mysterious house and a magical forest are staging for a playful portrait of Belgian philosopher Isabelle Stengers. Seated amongst verdant overgrowth, dusty ephemera and the occasional stray cat, Stengers expands on the ideas that have shaped her life and work. Intimate and pleasurable, the film delivers an empowering and hopeful message about how to survive in a world of ruins and the potential of collective action.


Run Time

76 mins


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