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Ion de Sosa

Ion de Sosa (Urnieta, 1981), is a director, producer and director of photography. His feature film Sueñan los androides (Androids Dream) premiered at the Berlinale in 2015 and was widely screened at spanish and international festivals and art centres. The film reflects the constants of his cinema: the use of 16mm, the mixture of genres, and a signualr approach to time, composition and humour. He has worked as director of photography on the films of García Ibarra, Luis López Carrasco, Alberto Gracia and Irati Gorostidi. Currently, he is about to film Balearic, his fifth project as a director.

Saturday 9 March, 22:15

Meet Mamántula, the boy of everyone’s dreams… and a giant, cross-dressing spider-human with an appetite for revenge and sperm. In an alternate Berlin of brutalist saunas, sepulchral subway corridors and hardboiled detectives, he threads a silken trap. His dream: to cocoon the planet, victim by victim, in his sticky embrace. Will a couple of lovebirds with police badges stop him? Or will the gay community have to step in and take the law into their own hands?



Run Time

48 mins


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