The Gymnasium

The Gymnasium is part of Ravensdowne Barracks. Built in the early 18th century to the design of the distinguished architect Nicholas Hawksmoor, the Barracks was among the first in England to be purpose built.

Thank you to English Heritage for allowing us the use of their spaces for exhibition venues.


The Gymnasium Gallery has full disabled access and is all on one level.

Disabled parking is available at Parade Car Park (The Gymnasium Gallery).

The gallery welcomes guide dogs and has ramped access.

The Gymnasium Gallery, The Barracks, 18 Parade, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1DF

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3 – 5 March, 10:00 – 17:00  •  Free Entry

Drawing on the filmmaker’s experiences growing up in a large Samoan family in the largely Pākehā populated region of Nelson, Hidden Amongst Clouds newly imagines stories of Samoan mythology and questions the moral virtues they uphold. The work embraces a 1990’s aesthetic, harking back to supernatural fantasy television series and their embedded symbolisms, reflecting Ulutupu’s ongoing interest in themes of belonging and the importance of recontextualising and reimagining narratives of colonial stereotypes.


Run Time

13 mins
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19 September 2019

‘Double Ghosts’ is a multi-part exhibition which traverses the Pacific drawing on historical fragments, traces and ghosts from the coasts of Chile to a mountain cemetery in Taiwan. Exploring the status and potential of unrealised and fragmented histories, the exhibition draws together 35mm film, sound recordings, script fragments, photography and archival material filmed and gathered in Chile, France and Taiwan.

‘Double Ghosts’ was commissioned by Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival in partnership with Berwick Visual Arts



Run Time

31 mins
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19 September 2019

Join us to celebrate the opening of George Clark’s Double Ghosts exhibition—jointly commissioned with Berwick Visual Arts—for The Gymnasium and Tanoa Sasraku’s O’ Pierrot, the product of a four month residency with The New Flesh, based at Academy Costumes in South-East London. Refreshments and merriment aplenty.

Run Time

60 mins
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20 September 2018

Lucy Clout presents a new body of work titled Solvent Magazine, including sculptural and video pieces made during her six-month residency with Berwick Visual Arts and BFMAF. An assemblage of parts that brings together research around close readings of bodies— diagnostic narratives, pleasure and ambiguity are used as ways to think about knowledge, evidence and queer reproduction.

Part-waiting room, part-publishing house, Solvent Magazine presents: a £23.00 USB microscope camera, the story of a temp’s discretion, a new design for privacy screen glass which mimics the saliva of a person with secure attachment style, two piss coloured Perspex doors and a layer of plastic to keep out distractions.