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Town Hall Council Chamber

The Town Hall occupies a prominent place in Berwick at the lower end of Marygate. The 153 feet tall spire is the main feature an the skyline of Berwick. The Council Chambers are nestled in the east end of the Town Hall.

Thank you to The Freemen of Berwick-upon-Tweed for allowing us the use of their spaces for exhibition venues.


  • A number of steps must be climbed to enter the venue.
  • Guide dogs are warmly welcomed.
  • Volunteers & Venue Staff will be present throughout opening hours.
  • There are no public toilets available at The Council Chamber.
  • The Town Council Chambers are located a short 4 minute walk from The Maltings.

16 Marygate, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1BN

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3 2023 – 5 March 2023  •  Free Entry

Belgian filmmaker and cinematographer Fairuz Ghammam’s warm, generous work explores aspects of (auto)biography, shared authorship, and collaborative practices.

Staged as a walk through her hometown, Kortrijk, Culture riffs on these themes, sewing kernels of family history through a narrative, and a gaze, that oscillates between private and public space. How many memories and storylines can coexist?



Run Time

14 mins
More Info
19 September 2019

Ben Rivers’ magnificent film of a sloth doesn’t encourage lazy viewing. Rather, it’s an active, engaging and engrossing experience. Time becomes suspended as each breath, every movement becomes a theatrical drama unfolding before our eyes. Perhaps implicitly poking fun at the term ‘slow cinema’, Rivers instead gives us an exquisite example of ‘sloth cinema’.



Run Time

40 mins
More Info
20 September 2018

How Does an Invisible Boy Disappear? emerges from a nine-month collaboration with Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers, a new women’s film collective made up of young women from a Somali & Pakistani background. The film documents the group as they work together to create a thriller focusing on a teenage girl’s attempt to find a missing local boy. Comprised of candid footage captured during the workshop process, behind the scenes filming and archive footage of anti-racist organising in the aftermath of the Toxteth race riots, the film questions how modes of representation and societal structures are gendered and racialised.

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and supported by Tenderpixel, London