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The 2022 Call for Entries has now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered their work. We look forward to viewing your films!

Online Exhibitions

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival’s 2021 Online Exhibitions take the place of its usual physical ones in Berwick. Here you’ll find places of radical world building, virtual spaces to gather and to contemplate.

Live Event — 17 September 2021, 19:00

Essential Cinema: Back inside herself – S.Pearl Sharp in conversation with Sarah Lasoye

This programme features a 24-hour online screening of S. Pearl Sharp’s Back Inside Herself (US, 1984) in collaboration with Cinenova. Described by the director as “a visual poem on identity”, Back Inside Herself shows a Black woman finding her own sense of self and rejecting hegemonic societal expectations of who she should be and how she should behave.

Live Event — 24 September 2021, 11:00

NOTES: Abby Sun, Jemma Desai & Peter Taylor in Conversation

Fragments from documents that guided our planning and programming process are opened out for comment to accredited guests between 15-22 September after which we will host a discussion between Festival Director Peter Taylor, Head of Programming Jemma Desai and writer and programmer Abby Sun reflecting on the collective writing process.

Online Exhibition

Back Inside Ourselves

Back Inside Ourselves is an online exhibition inspired by S. Pearl Sharp’s Back Inside Herself which plays in our Essential Cinema Strand.

We recommend you find a quiet space, some headphones, and clear some time to explore the different elements of this work. The presentation plays on a loop opening out the possibility of durational repetitions, witnessing and revelation.

Available online from Friday 17 September coinciding with a 24 hour screening of S Pearl Sharp’s Back Inside Herself & an in conversation between the director and poet Sarah Lasoye.

Supported by Berwick Visual Arts.

The exhibition presents three recent works by filmmakers  Ufuoma Essi (Bodies in Dissent), Tako Taal (DUMP_outthroughthemouth) and Rhiana Bonterre (Rhythms of my Silence) and gathers materials generated from a recent in person workshop. Full details of all works can be found here.

The programme takes Back Inside Herself, S. Pearl Sharp’s poem and film, as a point of departure. Just as how in her poem S. Pearl Sharp calls for African-American women to reject images placed on them, this presentation will examine ways of using archival exploration to contrast the relentless fixation on the “new”, as well as ideas of “competition” and “exceptionalism”, so often present in public presentation, especially of Black female identifying artists. Drawing on themes around language and articulation, as well as movement and the body, which all arise from the works this online presentation will attempt to provide a space of regrouping, exhaling, reflecting and articulating.

Back Inside Ourselves is accompanied by a series of texts; a response by London-based poet Sarah Lasoye commissioned by Cinenova, a collectively written text assembled from reflections gathered at the workshop  and a reflective text by Jamila Prowse.

—Jemma Desai and Myriam Mouflih

Online Exhibition


SEEMAWORLD is an immersive, multi-channel realm and streaming facility. It’s comprised of the mimicry of multiple amenities and services—which act as portals to a specific aspect of SEEMAWORLD. An interactive installation, it shows born-digital artefacts alongside digitised works of traditional media.

As a colony of SEEMAWORLD, BERWICKWORLD transports viewers firmly into the cinematics of the cinema and magnifies Fan Labour as behaviour, thought and form. —Seema Mattu

Available online from Monday 13th September

Online Exhibition

When Amongst Our Own

When we are amongst our own our labels disappear. We become more than we usually are. We can finally get closer to ourselves, shedding a layer of unwanted eyes. This moment of real home amongst family is presented in a virtual tour around the 3D rendered city “FAM”. The city fam has been made as a tribute to the work of 3 artists: Shenece Oretha, Ebun Sodipo and Day Eve.

Like this space their works have held more than can be spoken, and have given rise for spaces like this to be conceived. Tread respectfully. —Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley