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Life on the Caps

Meriem Bennani’s playful sci-fi trilogy mixes live action, day-glo animation, and a kaleidoscopic score by Fatima Al Qadiri to explore the entangled politics of immigration, state control and the border zone. Episodes focus on inhabitants of the fictional island of CAPS (short for ‘capsule’), a magnetically sealed megalopolis created to intercept refugees attempting to teleport illegally into the US. Citizens work together to develop new modes of defiance and resistance, harnessing not only emergent biotechnologies but also the liberatory potential of joy and humour.

Life on the CAPS (2022) is a co-commission with The Renaissance Society, Chicago. This commission is generously supported by CLEARING, New York/Brussels.






Dialogue Languages

English Moroccan Arabic (dialect)

Subtitle Language

Primary Contact

Meriem Bennani


75 mins