Opening Film: Anerca, Breath of Life

Friday 3 March, 19:30

Run Time

90 mins
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This screening is followed by a Q&A with filmmakers Markku Lehmuskallio & Johannes Lehmuskallio

Anerca, Breath of Life

(Anerca, Elämän Hengitys)

In Inuit, the word meaning to bring forth a poem is the same as the word to breathe – an act that inspires Finnish filmmaker Markku Lehmuskallio’s poetic ethnography, co-directed with his son Johannes Lehmuskallio. A beautifully expansive film centred on performance and the importance of song, Anerca, Breath of life was shot over several decades with the indigenous peoples of the Arctic Circle. People and cultures spanning the borders of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Russia, the filmmakers are clear to point out, “It wasn’t these cultures that drew up these borders, rights have been violated.” Speaking against these continued infractions, the film magnificently expresses the joy, pain and energy of these individuals and communities through fleeting, magical moments of performance, conversation and cinema.

Director Filmographies

Markku Lehmuskallio:

Minja (2014), I Am I (1992), I Am I II (1992), Dance of the Life (1976), A Man, who have two faces (1975), Tapiola (1974), Sounds of the Northern Forest (1973)

Markku Lehmuskallio & Johannes Lehmuskallio

Anerca, Breath of Life (2020), Inuksuk (1988), The Blue Mammy (1985), Skierri, Land of the Dwarf Goebel (1982), Raven Dance (1980)

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Dialogue Languages

Finnish Swedish

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Jenni Domingo

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Jenni Domingo