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The Blue Mammy

4 March 2023

Run Time

100 mins
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Presenting the first UK retrospective of acclaimed filmmaking duo Anastasia Lapsui (Nenets, born 1944, Yamal Peninsula, USSR) & Markku Lehmuskallio (born 1938, Rauma, Finland). Their narrative and documentary features made across four decades centre people, stories and perspectives indigenous to the Arctic Circle, particularly the Nenets, a nomadic tribe living for centuries in regions of the Extreme North.

Followed by a Q&A with Johannes Lehmuskallio

The Blue Mammy

Sininen Imettäjä

With understated precision, Markku Lehmuskallio’s The Blue Mammy focuses on the sensitive interplay between sound and image while unfurling a story surrounding Joel, a deaf painter who lives in a small village in Lapland. While he has trouble fitting in with the community of people around him, Joel communes with nature and speaks nonverbally with a spirit. The film distils a wealth of provocative ideas—around artistic creation, alternative forms of communication and the importance of the natural world to human animals—into a stunning filmic tone poem.






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