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Fairuz Ghammam

Fairuz Ghammam graduated as an experimental filmmaker at a time when categorisation was still fashionable. She is an editor, cinematographer and director working across genres and formats. In her practice, Fairuz mainly explores (auto)biography, dialogue, predetermination, abundance & scarcity, shared authorship and collaborative practices. She equally loves well balanced steady high-def shots and lo-fi trash – self-made or found – as long as the poetry shines through.


cultuur (2022), al bahr (2018), LV (2019), Oumoun (2017)

3 2023 – 5 March 2023  •  Free Entry

Belgian filmmaker and cinematographer Fairuz Ghammam’s warm, generous work explores aspects of (auto)biography, shared authorship, and collaborative practices.

Staged as a walk through her hometown, Kortrijk, Culture riffs on these themes, sewing kernels of family history through a narrative, and a gaze, that oscillates between private and public space. How many memories and storylines can coexist?



Run Time

14 mins
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