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57 Marygate

Located in the heart of the town, 22 Marygate is a retail unit nestled beside the Town Hall.

Thank you to Edwin Thompson for allowing us the use of their spaces for exhibition venues.

10 March 2024

An open, drop-in conversation inviting responses to the Festival’s programme of films considering what and who we feel responsible for, where a sense of duty lies, and whether this is individual or collectively shared?

With the King’s Own Scottish Borderers Regiment Association, who will be bringing their own converted cine film material, alongside the Northumberland Archives footage of border regiments.

Run Time

60 mins
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9 March 2024

An informal conversation for critics, writers, and anyone interested in the sustainability of arts writing and publishing in various contexts. We invite Lesley Guy, Kate Liston (Corridor8) and Lyn Hagan (The Journal of Discarded Daydreams) to an open conversation considering how we respond to/reflect on the arts, and how the contexts that stifle might exist in tension with the contexts that nourish. What are the material and conceptual frameworks for sustainable arts publishing – and are these applicable to other mediums, forms and contexts?

8 March 2024

An open, drop-in conversation inviting responses to the Festival’s programme of films in relation to the complications of home – or hyem in Northumbrian dialect.

When even the most basic understanding of home as residence/shelter is not guaranteed, we open up this theme to an expansive conversation that asks: who has the right to a home? What underlies the commonplace idea of a home? Where does land figure in our perceptions of home?

Run Time

60 mins
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20 September 2018

An analogue foray into a digital world.

Working with Newcastle-based moving image collective Film Bee, 15 young people from Berwick Youth Project have used collective reflection and DIY problem solving to create a series of provocations and installations about reality in a digitalised world, and how the value of images has changed with shifts in technology, particularly social media.

Berwick Youth Project provides youth clubs and bespoke activities to engage and support young people aged 13 to 18. The hub of all this activity is located at The Beehive, a purpose built youth facility. The moving image art work was made during a series of evening and summer holiday participatory sessions in collaboration with artists Mat, Christo and Leah from Film Bee.

The young people also took a trip to Tate Modern in London during the summer holidays to meet the ARTIST ROOMS team, see work by artists Jenny Holzer, Joan Jonas and Pablo Picasso, helping to inform the work they have produced.

In their own words:
‘It’s really boring to be a teenager in Berwick and this project gave us the opportunity to try something totally different and learn about art in a new and interesting way. Working with the artists was really cool and we hope lots of people young and older will come and see our installation.’

The Hurt Goes On was produced and created as part of ARTIST ROOMS Learning Programme and inspired by the work of artist Douglas Gordon, presented by Berwick Visual Arts at the Gymnasium Gallery in summer 2018

The ARTIST ROOMS programme is delivered by the National Galleries of Scotland and Tate in partnership with Ferens Art Gallery until 2019, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, by Art Fund and by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland