16th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival


Online from Thursday 17 September to Sunday 11 October 2020, all access digital Festival passes cost £7.50. Be sure to check the Festival’s evolving calendar of live-streamed free access events, podcasts and essays.


Previews is a new Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival (BFMAF) programme strand highlighting forthcoming feature-length films. For its first edition BFMAF has invited artist filmmakers Tim Leyendekker (NL) and Fern Silva (US) to introduce their debut—work in progress—feature films. They’ll join a live streamed conversation and share film excerpts, detailing their journey along the path of production.

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The Festival’s aim is to initiate an additional forum for artists and filmmakers to connect with industry professionals who share BFMAF’s interest in challenging, complex and risk-taking new cinema. In addition to the public programme, Fern and Tim’s forthcoming films will be made available to invited festival programmers, distributors and sales agents for a time limited preview.

Guided by the principles through which the Festival curates its wider programme, it expects these forthcoming films to generate strong resonances with audiences and exhibitors alike.

Short Films

Feast: Work in Progress

For BFMAF’s 2020 Previews strand, it presents a livestream conversation with Dutch artist-filmmaker Tim Leyendekker in advance of his feature-length debut Feast. Having crafted an intricately nuanced filmmaking practice since his debut in 2003, Leyendekker’s work is distributed by EYE Filmmuseum and Light Cone, and his most recent film Blinder (2015) was screened in the Tiger Shorts Competition at that year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam. Feast tackles no less than the meaning of love itself, thrown into relief by an act so horrific we would like to think of it as fiction. Considering the film’s concept was presented in a seminar with the artist at BFMAF 2015, the Festival is excited to showcase it at the final stage of its production.

Tim Leyendekker
85 mins