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3 March 2023

Run Time

82 mins
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Presenting the first UK retrospective of acclaimed filmmaking duo Anastasia Lapsui (Nenets, born 1944, Yamal Peninsula, USSR) & Markku Lehmuskallio (born 1938, Rauma, Finland). Their narrative and documentary features made across four decades centre people, stories and perspectives indigenous to the Arctic Circle, particularly the Nenets, a nomadic tribe living for centuries in regions of the Extreme North.

Followed by a Q&A with Johannes Lehmuskallio



Nedarma (Travelling) is a documentary focusing on the Nenets, a nomadic tribe in the northern tundra of Siberia which Anastasia Lapsui was born into. Sumptuous 35mm black and white cinematography captures the landscapes of the Yamal Peninsula and the daily activities of its inhabitants with patience, a visionary perspective and a captivating soundtrack. The film begins by illustrating the Nenets cosmology as a way of leading into a filmic structure that portrays the arc of life from birth to death.






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