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Tiffany Sia: Never Rest/Unrest

17 September 2020

Run Time

29 mins

As someone deeply embedded within international circles of cinema, visual art and activism for a number of years, Tiffany Sia has worked in many visible and invisible ways advocating for artists, writers, filmmakers and political activists. In more recent years, her own diverse practice has grown across media, though with a coherence of aesthetic style and recurring themes as well as a commitment to direct action and solidarity. This presentation is the first to bring as many of these seemingly disparate elements together in arguing their cohesion and connection to each other. Within Sia’s body of work, text can be a form of image-making and the screen of a video image is always vertically orientated. Critical theory and direct action sit alongside each other and mass political protests are unmasked as full of boring moments. —Herb Shellenberger

Never Rest/Unrest

Never Rest/Unrest is a hand-held short film by Tiffany Sia about the relentless political actions in Hong Kong, spanning early summer to late 2019. The experimental short is an adaptation of the artist’s practice of scaling oral history, of showing political crisis in Hong Kong as ephemeral stories on Instagram for the past year.






Dialogue Languages

Cantonese English Mandarin

Primary Contact

Tiffany Sia


29 mins