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Come To Me, Paradise

(Lumapit Sa Akin, Paraiso)

Filipina-Canadian filmmaker Stephanie Comilang’s Come to Me, Paradise indirectly takes as its subject the increasingly documented struggle of migrant Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong, whose occupation is characterized by rampant conditions of forced labor, exploitation, and human trafficking. The film conjures an intimate and complex portrait of the domestic workers’ everyday lives through examining the women’s ritual of digitally transmitting their stories and memories back to the Philippines at the end of each working week. A deft mixture science fiction and documentary, Come to Me, Paradise employs a tone that’s equal measures dissociative, casual, and understatedly spiritual.


Run Time

24 mins

Every year, the Thai Short Film and Video Festival invites a Thai filmmaker to make a trailer for the festival. For the 2016 edition, the invitee is Pimpaka Towira, a veteran filmmaker who recently returned to the film scene with her well-received feature The Island Funeral. In the past, Pimpaka has made several films set in the forest, and this self-reflexive, humorous trailer reflects the experience of dealing with nature.



Run Time

2 mins
20 September 2018

Years When I Was a Child Outside is a meta-film following Torres’ perspective as the son of best- selling self-help author Rodolfo Torres, whose instructional books and tapes made in early 1980s Philippines aimed to ‘help raise brighter children’. Upon learning that his father bore illegitimate children, the narrator decides to run away. The film is not only a chronicle of stories through foreign regions but also a probing letter from outside circles; an honest account of illegitimate views from uneven terrain; and a narrative-driven exploration of the nooks and peripheries of the body, geography and weather. As the journey progresses, the film increasingly traverses the countries of revelation, film, and heart—to where all journeys are meant to end with.

Q&A with filmmaker John Torres

Run Time

100 mins
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22 September 2018

BFMAF presents the first UK screening in 40 years of this innovative New German Cinema highlight. The Dumpster Kid (Kristine de Loup), born from a trash can, finds her way through the world, discovering hilarity, ecstasy, cruelty, capitalism and patriarchy along the way. Always wearing a red dress, red tights and Louise Brooks-style black bob, The Dumpster Kid steals, has sex, joins a sideshow and meets Al Capone and d’Artagnan. She is always in danger, yet immortal.

This radical film was never meant to be shown in a cinema; instead, Reitz and Stöckl showed it in pubs. The audience members were encouraged to imbibe heartily and create their own sequence of the film’s 22 episodes. This special ‘pub cinema’ screening will be recreated for this event, an exceedingly rare cinematic treat that you won’t soon forget.

Supported by Goethe-Institut, London

Run Time

208 mins
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