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Saturday 9 March, 20:00

An intimate, multifaceted portrait of the Krahô people indigenous to northeastern Brazil. Made in close collaboration with the community, The Buriti Flower sketches the rhythms, dreams and ways of being connecting families working to protect their land from the cyclical violence of encroaching settlements. Blending observational documentary and staged scenes, it depicts the flow of life on a continuum of ever-replenishing strength and resistance.


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124 mins


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Sunday 10 March, 10:30

Audacious and sprawling. Borderless and liberatory. Eduardo William’s follow-up to The Human Surge (2016) (there is no part 2) is a freeform odyssey of sociality and technology shot entirely on a 360-degree camera.

“Unflinching about global woes of wealth disparity, environmental catastrophe, and exhaustion, [Williams] imagines alternative ways of living, rethinking the vast possibilities of the world through new practices of seeing, hearing, and being together.” -Andréa Picard